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A Curse of Shadows and Ice Review

Happy Hump Day!! I hope everyone has had a good week so far. This year I am trying to be more positive, stress less, and not let things get to me (this is a lot of work). I found that I have been having better days by trying to control how I react, which again… Continue reading A Curse of Shadows and Ice Review


Beauty And The Billionaire Review

Happy Middle of the Week! Today I bring you a review of another amazing retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which everyone knows is one of my favorite retellings to read, and this one is no exception. Beauty and the Billionaire by Cidney West, takes the tale of beauty and the beast and gives it… Continue reading Beauty And The Billionaire Review

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Spirited Review

Happy Middle of the Week Everyone! Today I will be reviewing another book from the Once Upon A Time Series. What I love about this series is you can read them any order your like, because all the books are standalones. Today's book is Spirited by Nancy Holder, which is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast mixed with The… Continue reading Spirited Review

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No Man Can Tame Review

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had a great and restful weekend! As everyone now knows, I love fairy tale retellings, and Beauty and the Beast. Today's book has a Beauty and the Beast essence, but a different story line. No Man Can Tame by Miranda Honfleur, has elves, humans, and other paranormal creatures in it and… Continue reading No Man Can Tame Review

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Cruel Beauty Review

Happy Monday Everyone! As you all know, I love retellings and I love retellings of Beauty and the Beast in particular. This book is nothing short of another amazing retelling of my favorite fairytale ever! The second I saw this book on the shelf of Barns and Noble, I knew I had to have it, and it… Continue reading Cruel Beauty Review

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Beauty and the Beast: Lost In A Book Review

Happy Monday Everyone! So I saw the Aladdin musical yesterday, and it was amazing!! If it comes to your city I highly recommend that you get tickets and see it! Today I am going to be reviewing a book that isn't exactly a retelling, but takes you into the world of Beauty and the Beast. Beauty… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast: Lost In A Book Review

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Beastly Review

Hello My Beasties! By now you know my favorite Disney movie is "Beauty and the Beast", and when this book came out, I knew I had to read it. Once I read the book and they made a movie out of it, I knew I had to watch it, and I loved it! Beastly by Alex Flinn… Continue reading Beastly Review

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The Beast’s Heart Review

Happy Monday Everyone! So by now you have all heard me talk about how my favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. When I was browsing in Barns and Noble one day, I came across this retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and once I read the description I knew I had to have this book. The Beast's… Continue reading The Beast’s Heart Review