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Quotes All Book Lovers Can Relate To

Hey Everyone! I decided to do another quote post since I haven't done one in a while. Sometimes when I look for quotes, I stumble across some that speak to me. There are several quotes for book lovers out there by authors, other book worms, and just about anyone who loves to read. These quotes… Continue reading Quotes All Book Lovers Can Relate To


Southern Spirits Review

Happy Friday Readers! Today I wanted to review a light paranormal book to end the week on a good note. Southern Spirits by Angie Fox, is a novel that gives you all of the emotions. You get ghosts, romance, laughter, and pet skunks. When I started reading this book I honestly couldn't put it down, and… Continue reading Southern Spirits Review


Why I Don’t Have A Favorite Genre

Happy Thursday! Today I decided to do a different post than what I have done before. I always get the question posed to me of what my favorite genre is, and I honestly have to say I love every type of genre. I love reading YA, Romance, Historical Fiction, Biography, Memoirs, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, True Crime,… Continue reading Why I Don’t Have A Favorite Genre


Under Different Stars Review

Happy Monday Readers!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and is ready to start another week! Today I wanted to review a book that I recently read and loved. Under Different Stars by Amy Bartol had me laughing, crying, and on the edge of my seat to see what happened next. I could't put… Continue reading Under Different Stars Review


The Frog Prince Review

Hey guys it's Friday! I figured that I would finish the week off with a retelling of a classic fairy tale. The Frog Prince by Jenni James is a wonderful retake of the classic Frog Prince that we have all came to know and love. This book gives the reader an interesting twist on how a… Continue reading The Frog Prince Review


The Genius of Jane Austen Through Quotes

Hey Guys! Today I wanted to do some quotes from my favorite author Jane Austen. Not many people know that the quotes that Jane Austen came up with were funny, intelligent, before her time, can fit in today's society, and are just amazing! I even used one of Austen's quotes at the bottom of my graduation… Continue reading The Genius of Jane Austen Through Quotes


The Secret Daughter of the Tsar: A Novel of the Romanovs Review

Happy Monday Readers! So today I will be reviewing a book that had me mesmerized and captivated until the very end. The Secret Daughter of the Tsar: A Novel of the Romanovs by the amazing Jennifer Laam. This book was the best book I have read in 2019 so far, plus I have always been obsessed… Continue reading The Secret Daughter of the Tsar: A Novel of the Romanovs Review


Fun Quotes About Reading By Various Authors

Hey Readers! So I decided that today I am going to do various quotes by authors on their thoughts of reading books. I decided to do this, because a lot of people are questioning why people read books and why some don't read anymore. Especially since Audible has become a huge thing now, and some people… Continue reading Fun Quotes About Reading By Various Authors


The Cold King Review

Happy Wednesday Readers! Today I am going to be reviewing The Cold King by Amber Jaeger, which is a different way to look at the story of Beauty and the Beast. This story took me on a wild ride that I had no intention of getting off until I reached the end, which I did lose… Continue reading The Cold King Review


2019 Goals For My Blog

Hey Guys!  So I know I am a little slow in getting this out, but better late than never, and I had to think about what I wanted from this blog. I also had to sit down and think about why I started this blog in the first place. The reason I started the blog… Continue reading 2019 Goals For My Blog