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Quotes For Book Nerds Part 2

Hello Fellow Readers! We all have that one quote when we read it that we relate to and we think wow that definitely sounds like me. I have that the majority of the time when I read a quote about reading. I did a first post of Book Nerd Quotes a while back, and decided… Continue reading Quotes For Book Nerds Part 2


Fun Quotes About Reading By Various Authors

Hey Readers! So I decided that today I am going to do various quotes by authors on their thoughts of reading books. I decided to do this, because a lot of people are questioning why people read books and why some don't read anymore. Especially since Audible has become a huge thing now, and some people… Continue reading Fun Quotes About Reading By Various Authors


Christmas Book Quotes

Hey Guys! So again I am doing a Christmas theme, but come on Christmas is honestly five days away, and I am starting to get in the Christmas spirit! I decided to do book quotes themed around Christmas, and the holiday season, because I know not everyone celebrates Christmas. We also need to remember that the… Continue reading Christmas Book Quotes


Quotes For Book Nerds

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I am always scrolling through Pinterest and seeing all these accurate book quotes that I relate to on every level. So, I have decided to compile some of them here and share my favorites with you, as a way to bring something new to my blog. I love reading, because it allows… Continue reading Quotes For Book Nerds