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A List of My Favorite Book Quotes

Hello and Guten Tag! When you read a book, you get sucked into the story with the characters, you fall in love, and of course you probably have a list of quotes you can quote from your favorite books. Today I decided to create a list of some of my favorite quotes from some of… Continue reading A List of My Favorite Book Quotes


The Genius of Jane Austen Through Quotes

Hey Guys! Today I wanted to do some quotes from my favorite author Jane Austen. Not many people know that the quotes that Jane Austen came up with were funny, intelligent, before her time, can fit in today's society, and are just amazing! I even used one of Austen's quotes at the bottom of my graduation… Continue reading The Genius of Jane Austen Through Quotes


Fun Quotes About Reading By Various Authors

Hey Readers! So I decided that today I am going to do various quotes by authors on their thoughts of reading books. I decided to do this, because a lot of people are questioning why people read books and why some don't read anymore. Especially since Audible has become a huge thing now, and some people… Continue reading Fun Quotes About Reading By Various Authors


Christmas Book Quotes

Hey Guys! So again I am doing a Christmas theme, but come on Christmas is honestly five days away, and I am starting to get in the Christmas spirit! I decided to do book quotes themed around Christmas, and the holiday season, because I know not everyone celebrates Christmas. We also need to remember that the… Continue reading Christmas Book Quotes


Quotes For Book Nerds

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I am always scrolling through Pinterest and seeing all these accurate book quotes that I relate to on every level. So, I have decided to compile some of them here and share my favorites with you, as a way to bring something new to my blog. I love reading, because it allows… Continue reading Quotes For Book Nerds