May Wrap Up

Hey Everyone! So, since we have entered another month it is that time again where I do my monthly wrap up. Now in May I actually wound up reading 9 books, which I think is a record for me when it comes to books read in a month. I am also like 8 books ahead… Continue reading May Wrap Up

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Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

Hey All You Book Worms! I have decided to do a book tag today, and whats better than doing another book tag with a Disney theme to it! I mean come on my blog's name is based off of a Disney song, so I found the Disney Princess Hair Book Tag and couldn't be more… Continue reading Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

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The Wild Orchid Review

Happy Wednesday Everyone! So, today I bring you another review of a fairytale and this is a tale that I absolutely love. It is also part of the "Once upon a time series", and like I said if you haven't read this series you need to. The Wild Orchid by Cameron Dokey, is a retelling on the… Continue reading The Wild Orchid Review

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Beauty Sleep Review

Hey Readers! Today I am going to review another fairytale retelling, this one is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and boy is it a twisty one! Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey is part of the Once Upon A Time Series and this retelling of Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorites! The book description came from the Goodreads website:… Continue reading Beauty Sleep Review

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World Above Review

Hey Everyone! Today I am back with another review on another classic fairytale! This retelling takes a beloved classic and puts a new spin on it that you never knew you needed or knew you wanted. World Above by Cameron Dokey, is a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk for a whole new generation! The book description… Continue reading World Above Review

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Winter’s Child Review

Hey Book Worms! Today I decided to review another fairytale retelling this week, and it is a retelling of the Snow Queen. Winter's Child by Cameron Dokey, is an updated retelling that tells the story of the Snow Queen for a new generation. The book description was taken from the Goodreads website: "Once Upon a Time" is Timeless Free-spirited… Continue reading Winter’s Child Review

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A List Of Cinderella Retellings

Hey Everyone! I haven't done a list of fairytale retellings in a while, so today I decided to do a list of Cinderella retellings. I love reading retellings of fairytales, and decided to share my love of retellings. Cinderella is a classic tale of dreams coming true, and realizing that you don't need a fancy… Continue reading A List Of Cinderella Retellings

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Before Midnight Review

Hey Readers! I am back, and definitely feel like that week off helped me a lot. My dad is doing better, we are just working on getting his strength back. I decided that this week my reviews were going to be based off fairytale retellings, which you all know I absolutely love! To start of… Continue reading Before Midnight Review

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One Thousand and One Nights Retellings

Happy Thursday Readers! I haven't done a retellings list in a while, so today I decided to list of retellings based on One Thousand and One Nights. These books come from different genres, and some of them I have read, and some of them I haven't read as of yet, but they are definitely on my reading… Continue reading One Thousand and One Nights Retellings