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Author Fun Facts: Charles Dickens

Hey Everyone! I decided to do another author fun facts post today, and the author I chose is Charles Dickens. I will admit the only thing I know about Charles Dickens, is that he was the author of A Christmas Carole,Oliver Twist, and Great Expectations and although I have only read Great Expectations, I have seen the movies.… Continue reading Author Fun Facts: Charles Dickens


Christmas Book Quotes

Hey Guys! So again I am doing a Christmas theme, but come on Christmas is honestly five days away, and I am starting to get in the Christmas spirit! I decided to do book quotes themed around Christmas, and the holiday season, because I know not everyone celebrates Christmas. We also need to remember that the… Continue reading Christmas Book Quotes


A list of books to put you in the Christmas spirit

Hello Readers! Since Christmas is practically around the corner, where as the year gone, I decided to create a list of books that will put you in the Christmas spirit. Now some of these on my list I haven't read yet, but I love reading some type of Christmas book around this time of the year.… Continue reading A list of books to put you in the Christmas spirit