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Serpent & Dove Review

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I wanted to review a book that I just finished reading, and it gave me one of the biggest book hangovers I have had. Serpent & Dove is the debut novel of Shelby Mahurin, and it was amazing! The book description was taken from the Goodreads website:… Continue reading Serpent & Dove Review

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The 7th Relic Review

Hey Bookworms! Well we have reached the middle of another week, and I don't know about you but the Texas summer is a hot one this year. I'm glad I work indoors and have air conditioning, because the humidity will kill you. Today I decided to review a book that had action, adventure, magic, betrayal,… Continue reading The 7th Relic Review

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The Edge of Us Review

Hey Guys! I hope everyone had a great relaxing weekend. Today I decided to review the new book that came out by one of my favorite authors. The Edge of Us by Jamie McGuire, is the second book in her new Crash and Burn series. This book left me feeling all the emotions and I was not… Continue reading The Edge of Us Review

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Anne Frank: The Biography Review

Happy Wednesday! In keeping with my biography review theme I got going on this week, I decided to do a review on a biography that has stayed with me even after I finished reading it. Anne Frank: The Biography by Melissa Muller, takes the reader into the life of Anne Frank before her and her… Continue reading Anne Frank: The Biography Review

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Beautiful Disaster Review

Happy Friday Everyone! I decided to finish the week with a book that will take you on an emotional roller-coaster. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, is one of those touching, emotional reads that will make you go through all the emotions! I actually stumbled across this book in an Airport shop, when my flight back from Las… Continue reading Beautiful Disaster Review

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Author Facts: Anne Frank

Happy Thursday Guys! We have almost made it to the end of the week. I decided that today I was going to do another author facts blog to add to the one's I have done so far. I chose Anne Frank, because her dream was to become an author, and unfortunately she didn't get to… Continue reading Author Facts: Anne Frank


The Wish Collector Review

Happy Monday Guys! I hope everyone had an adventurous reading weekend! Today I wanted to do a review on a book that even after I finished it last week, it is still on my mind. The Wish Collector by Mia Sheridan, is a story about acceptance, and redemption, with a mystery thrown in. The description was taken… Continue reading The Wish Collector Review

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Something Borrowed Review

Happy Friday Everyone! Let's take a moment to celebrate that we made it another week! I wanted to review a romantic comedy that I absolutely loved, and it was turned into a movie as well, that I loved as well! Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin is a laugh out comedy, about being in love with your best… Continue reading Something Borrowed Review

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My Phantom: The Memoir of Christine Daae Review

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I want to welcome my new followers to my blog, and want to just tell everyone thank you for following me! Today I decided to do a review on My Phantom: The Memoir of Christine Daae by Anstance Tamplin. I love Phantom of the Opera, and when I found this book told from Christine's point… Continue reading My Phantom: The Memoir of Christine Daae Review

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Epic Escape Review

Happy Friday Everyone!! There is nothing like an amazing Friday to get you excited for the weekend! I decided to finish the week off with a fun read, that had me laughing until the very end. Epic Escape by Emily Evans takes the reader on an epic movie adventure, when her four main characters get sucked into… Continue reading Epic Escape Review