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Break Your Glass Slippers Review

Hey Everyone! I am back, and I must admit that I really missed this blog, but I got everything I needed to in a more manageable state, and I have come back fresh! Today I bring you a book of poetry that moved me emotionally and that I connected with on a personal level. Break Your… Continue reading Break Your Glass Slippers Review


Why I Don’t Have A Favorite Genre

Happy Thursday! Today I decided to do a different post than what I have done before. I always get the question posed to me of what my favorite genre is, and I honestly have to say I love every type of genre. I love reading YA, Romance, Historical Fiction, Biography, Memoirs, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, True Crime,… Continue reading Why I Don’t Have A Favorite Genre


To Make Monsters Out Of Girls Review

Happy Hump-Daaaay! So I was walking through Target one day, and came across a book that drew my attention to the cover. When I read the description, I decided to give it a try, although this would only be the second book of poetry I have read. I was also worried about the trigger warnings, and… Continue reading To Make Monsters Out Of Girls Review