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Fictional Boyfriend Tag

Hey Guys! So I found another book tag that I absolutely knew I had to do! I am finding that these book tags are really fun, and make you think hard about the questions. Today's book tag that I decided to do is the Fictional Boyfriend Tag. I have had several fictional boyfriends while reading… Continue reading Fictional Boyfriend Tag

Blog must have tags

A List of My Favorite Book Covers Part 2

Hello my fellow Bookworms! Today I decided to do another post about some of my favorite book covers. I previously did another one a while back, and decided to do a part 2 today. The first list can be found at Let's get this list started! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my… Continue reading A List of My Favorite Book Covers Part 2


From Here To You Review

Hello Fellow Readers!┬áThe book I am going to review today is From Here To You by the amazingly talented Jamie McGuire. Every book I have read of hers has pulled at my heart strings, and her characters are so real that you will feel a part of them. I have never been disappointed in any… Continue reading From Here To You Review