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Choosing Your Next Read

Hey Fellow Book Worms! So, here is one of the new type of posts that I decided to do on my blog. When you decided to chose your next book, I know for me, it's a difficult process. You start to figure out what you are in the mood for, if you want to go… Continue reading Choosing Your Next Read

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Epic Escape Review

Happy Friday Everyone!! There is nothing like an amazing Friday to get you excited for the weekend! I decided to finish the week off with a fun read, that had me laughing until the very end. Epic Escape by Emily Evans takes the reader on an epic movie adventure, when her four main characters get sucked into… Continue reading Epic Escape Review


Why I Don’t Have A Favorite Genre

Happy Thursday! Today I decided to do a different post than what I have done before. I always get the question posed to me of what my favorite genre is, and I honestly have to say I love every type of genre. I love reading YA, Romance, Historical Fiction, Biography, Memoirs, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, True Crime,… Continue reading Why I Don’t Have A Favorite Genre