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A List of Poetry Books

Hello my fellow readers! Today I decided to do another list of books that make up a certain genre. The genre I decided to do today is Poetry. There are so many wonderful works of poetry out there, and since I am a new reader to poetry, I decided that I wanted to provide a… Continue reading A List of Poetry Books

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Dr. Seuss Fun Facts

Hey Everyone! Today I decided to do another author fun facts, and I decided on Dr. Seuss. I grew up reading his books, and watching the movies, but as I got to thinking about it there wasn't really that much I knew about him. His books are still widely produced and loved my many generations,… Continue reading Dr. Seuss Fun Facts

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Author Facts: Anne Frank

Happy Thursday Guys! We have almost made it to the end of the week. I decided that today I was going to do another author facts blog to add to the one's I have done so far. I chose Anne Frank, because her dream was to become an author, and unfortunately she didn't get to… Continue reading Author Facts: Anne Frank