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A List of Some of My Favorite Authors

Hello Everyone! I find that I am always asked who my favorite author is by people I know when they are looking for a new book. It's always such a loaded question, because I have several authors that I know whatever they write I will love, and that I always look forward to seeing what… Continue reading A List of Some of My Favorite Authors


I’m Your Man Review

Hey Guys! Yes, I am doing two book reviews back to back this week, however I wanted to review I'm Your Man by my dear friend Joanne Rawson today because today this book is available on Amazon! Joanne provided me with an ARC copy for an honest review, and I will also be including links to… Continue reading I’m Your Man Review


Tangled Web of Love Review

Hey Fellow Readers! I am really excited about the review I am going to be sharing with you today! It's called Tangled Web of Love, and it is by one of my favorite authors Joanne Rawson. I have loved every single book this author has put out, and this one made me fall in love with… Continue reading Tangled Web of Love Review