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Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

Hey All You Book Worms! I have decided to do a book tag today, and whats better than doing another book tag with a Disney theme to it! I mean come on my blog's name is based off of a Disney song, so I found the Disney Princess Hair Book Tag and couldn't be more… Continue reading Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

Blog must have tags

The Beauty And The Beast Book Tag

Hey Everyone! So, I am back with another book tag, and what better one to do then a Beauty and the Beast one! I found this amazing tag on The Book Nut blog, which can be found here: I encourage you to go to her website and check out her answers to this blog… Continue reading The Beauty And The Beast Book Tag

Blog must have tags

Goodreads Book Tag

  Hey Everyone! So I decided to do another book tag post, and figured that this Goodreads book tag would be a good way for ya'll to get to know me better! I love reading books and I hope you all learn something new about me from the answers to these questions! Let's get this… Continue reading Goodreads Book Tag

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Fictional Boyfriend Tag

Hey Guys! So I found another book tag that I absolutely knew I had to do! I am finding that these book tags are really fun, and make you think hard about the questions. Today's book tag that I decided to do is the Fictional Boyfriend Tag. I have had several fictional boyfriends while reading… Continue reading Fictional Boyfriend Tag

Blog must have tags

A List Of Books You Should Read At Least Once

Hey Fellow Bookworms! I have been trying to think about what new posts I could do on my blog that I haven't done before, while thinking I was also doing a quiz and had a good idea. There are several lists out there on the internet that someone came up with that says which books… Continue reading A List Of Books You Should Read At Least Once


Splintered Review

Happy Monday Guys!  I hope everyone had a good weekend, I know mine was busy getting everything down for the end of my semester. I wanted to review a book that I love so, so much! Splintered by A.G. Howard, is a retake on Alice in Wonderland, with a dark twist, and a sexy guy… Continue reading Splintered Review