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Books To Read If You Like Wuthering Heights

Hey Readers! So, I know a lot of us can't go out anywhere and are kind of stuck in the house, so I decided to do another post for books to read. This time the book that I chose for Books to Read if you like, and it was another one of my favorites Wuthering… Continue reading Books To Read If You Like Wuthering Heights


William Shakespeare Fun Facts

Hello again! Today I wanted to keep the fun facts about different authors going, and decided to go with William Shakespeare. Yes I am aware he technically didn't write books, but he is known for some of the best plays that we have in existence, and he is considered an author, well a playwright. Let's get… Continue reading William Shakespeare Fun Facts


The Juliet Club Review

Hello! We have reached the middle of the week, and I wanted to share one of my favorite YA books with you. The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper, takes the reader one a wild journey full of love and laughter. It is set in Verona, Italy and is a summer camp for Shakespeare lovers.The description was… Continue reading The Juliet Club Review


Juliet: A Review

Happy Wednesday! My favorite play by William Shakespeare has and always will be Romeo and Juliet. So today, I am going to be reviewing Juliet by Anne Fortier. I remember the day I picked up this book, I was walking around the bookstore looking for my next adventure when the title jumped out at me. I… Continue reading Juliet: A Review