Part of Your Wold: A Twisted Tale Review

Hey Everyone!!

  So I’m really excited about this review!!! As you may have guessed from the title, it is a twisted tale of The Little Mermaid. The description on the cover explains it all by stating “What if Ariel had never defeated Ursula?” That sentence, plus the cover, plus the author had me screaming and buying the book immediately. Liz Braswell is the author to a couple more twisted tales, which will be reviewed later, but since Part of Your World just came out I wanted to start with this one.

The description on Goodreads states:

 “What if Ariel had never defeated Ursula? Five years after the (twisted) events of the film, Ariel is now the queen of Atlantica, and Ursula is running Eric’s kingdom on land. But when the sea witch threatens Atlantica once more, Ariel finds herself returning to a world (and a prince) she thought she’d left behind forever.”

Now although this description is short, it packs a punch without giving the entire thing away. This story is differed from The Little Mermaid we all grew up on, however it sticks to the original story so well that it fits perfectly. Ariel has to run Atlantica, because she did not get Eric and turned back into a mermaid. Meanwhile, Ursula is still undercover as Vanessa and running the kingdom that rightfully belongs to Eric. Where is Eric in all of this? All I will say is he is around, however you will have to read the book to see what becomes of him.

Plus all of the characters that you fell in love with in the movie make an appearance, and you even meet new characters that you will love, and one you will want to know more about. You get to learn about each of the main characters from the movie to see how they have changed and get to see their personalities more in depth. When I got done reading this book, it had me wanting to watch Disney’s The Little Mermaid again, because it reminded me of how much I loved the movie. 

This story has it all, adventure, romance, laughter, sadness, and longing to be who you were truly meant to be. Any fan of Disney and/or the Little Mermaid needs to read this book. Liz can spin a tale while still keeping true to the heart of the original story without making it unrecognizable.

(Plus the cover is so beautiful!!)

Part of Your World: A Twisted Tale

Image from Goodreads website

This would also be a good book to read with Halloween this month, but I highly recommend any Disney lover needs to read this book, and the others in the series, which I will be reviewing later in my blog!

May the reading odds be ever in your favor!

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