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My Fictional Bucket List

Hey Guys!

So today I decided to do a new kind of post that I haven’t done before to try something new. The idea behind the bucket list is that you list a book that you would love to journey into or a character that you would like to have dinner with. The options are unlimited and it also helps people get to know you better. I love getting lost in books, and I know that there are books you would love to journey into. So I thought I would do this post so you all could get to know me a little better, and hopefully I can get to know my fellow readers better as well!

Here is my fictional bucket list!

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  • Pride and Prejudice: I have always wanted to go on a date with Mr. Darcy! I will admit he was my first fictional character crush, and still continues to be so today! I would want to go horseback riding with him, and than have a candle light dinner at his home on the balcony!

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  • Beauty and the Beast: I would love to spend one year inside the library at Beast’s castle. Exploring his shelves and reading by the fire, in an enchanted castle..what more could you ask for?

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  • Peter Pan: I would love to fly around London with Peter Pan and have him take me to Neverland. I would help him fight pirates, visit Mermaid Lagoon, and fly around with Tinkerbell. This would be an awesome adventure, and of course I would return home or would I?

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  • Harry Potter Series: While every girl was crushing on Ron and Harry, I was crushing hardcore on Draco Malfoy. I would love to go on a date with him, where we would have conversation about everything magical, and finish the night with dancing until the sun came up.

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  • Howl’s Moving Castle: I would love to adventure around the world with Howl and his moving castle. You could open one door and be in another country in the blink of an eye. It would be the best way to travel, because you wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of a plane ticket or who is going to be your seat mate.

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  • Phantom of the Opera: I love to sing well in my car and in the shower lol. I know that I am not that great of a singer, but I would love to spend one night in the Phantom’s lair as he teaches me to sing like an angel. It will probably take more than one night for lessons, but I am definitely not against it.

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  • Alice in Wonderland: I would love to go to a tea party with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. Yes they are a bit crazy, but I bet they would have me laughing, and we would just have a grand ole time. Not to mention that the cake and goodies they have on the table have always looked good enough to eat to me.

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  • Aladdin: I would love to go on a magic carpet ride. Just think about it you can have free transportation, and you wouldn’t have to worry about a parking space. You can either roll it up and carry it around or let the carpet do it’s own thing and have it come pick you up later.

This is my fictional bucket list, although there is probably a lot more that I want to do but these would do for now. I hope you all learned something new about me, and I hope you join in the fun. Either create your own fictional bucket list or leave what you would like to do in the comments below!

Have fun and go on an adventure my dears!


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      1. Ah yes, bad boys! Don’t we all like that? He does wear wear very sharp suits in that movie – I’ll give you that. šŸ˜Š


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