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Belle’s Library Review

Hello Readers!

So, today I am going to do a little bit of a different book review. When Disney released their live action Beauty and the Beast they came out with a lot of new merchandise for it, and this book was actually among them. Belle’s Library:A Collection of Literary Quotes and Inspirational Musings is what every fan of Beauty and the Beast needs.

The book description was taken from the Goodreads website:

“Disney’s Belle is one of the best fictional bookworms around. But what exactly is on her reading list? In this unique literary journal, enjoy inspiring quotes from some of Belle’s favorite books, as well as her insightful notes and colorful drawings.
Includes a forward by noted Disney screenwriter Linda Woolverton.”

Belle is and probably forever will be my favorite Disney Princess. She is strong headed, doesn’t care what people think about her, wants to go on adventures, and the best part she is a fellow book worm. This book that Disney created, explores the world through Belle’s eyes. It makes you see inside this frictional characters head, and while reading it you will believe Belle actually wrote it.

Throughout the movie, we see Belle reading different books, but they don’t really focus on that part in the movie, which I guess it makes sense on why they didn’t. However, when they created this book they are giving book worms everything we didn’t know that we needed or wanted. There are different books on her reading list throughout the book, and there are also quotes throughout. These books and quotes listed make so much sense when you think about them in comparison with the movie.

If you love all things Beauty and the Beast, than you need to pick this book up as soon as possible. It is a short and fun read!

Go on a bookish journey my dear readers!

Belle's Library


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