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Murder at the Freak Show Review

Hello my friends!

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend. Mine was a little relaxing, did some Pilates and yesterday went to see the Pretty Woman Musical, which was amazing! I will admit I have been in a little bit of a reading slump, but I think I am slowly coming out of it which is good! Today I will be reviewing a mystery that will have you laughing and gasping until the very end!

“Matilda Hayward is determined to have a career, after all, it is 1888! While reporting for the Women’s Journal newspaper, Matilda is sent to cover the visiting ‘Freak Show’ and to interview Mrs Anna Tufton, a giantess. During the interview, the giantess slips a note to Matilda begging for help to her escape the show she is forced to do by her husband. But when the giantess’s husband is found murdered; the giantess is a likely suspect.

Matilda enlists the help of her lawyer brother, Amos, to prove the giantess is no killer and to free her from a life of exploitation. But close family friend, Detective Thomas Ashdown – who has feelings for Matilda having known her since childhood – would prefer Matilda was nowhere near his murder case. There is mystery, danger, and love afoot!”

Matilda is a woman after my own heart. She doesn’t bend to the pressures that society puts woman through and when she wants something she goes after it. Thomas is an amazing character, who is Matilda’s equal in every way. This book is told from the points of view of Matilda and Thomas, which as you know I absolutely love when author’s do this. Helen Goltz did such an amazing job making the reader think they figured out the mystery, throwing something else into the mix, and repeating the cycle until the very end! If you love mystery with romance thrown in and a book that keeps you guessing until the very end, you need to read this book ASAP!

Happy Reading!

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